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Walter Parsons

Welcome to my baking blog. I am a stay at home amateur baker who simply loves to see the reaction on my kids' faces when they get to eat their baked goods. Whether it's cupcakes, pies, cookies or a full cake, I have a passion for making all sorts of baked goods.

About Me

I have the world's largest sweet tooth and I'm proud of it. I'm an amateur baker and while I am a cook as well, baking is my true calling. Baking brings me lots of joy because of the variety and precision required to make the perfect dessert. I plan to post stuff regularly on this site, although this is purely a hobby.

Part of the reason for creating this blog to simply learn and have fun. The other part is to showcase my finely baked goods.

To me, baking is a creative outlet that I turn to. Based in Wisconsin, I love the cold weather as it makes baked goods even better when they come out of the oven. Scroll below for my baking adventures.


Baking Gallery


Looking to do a collaboration? Or interested in a recipe? Message me, I'm always interested in meeting fellow bakers.

Email: walterparsons@gmail.com